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Archery, Bow Hunting and the Recurve Bow

The right equipment is essential for any sport, including archery and bow hunting. It has been centuries since the recurve bow has been invented and up to today it is still the favorite of hunters.

You can choose between the traditional recurve bow or the recurve bow that has more technological features. Archers and hunters who have a lot of experiences in bow hunting and archery find the traditional recurve bow a better choice over the compound bow. Their reasons for preferring the traditional bow is a good one. With a traditional bow you will understand archery or hunting better since you don’t rely on technology to do things for you. Your skills are very important using this kind of bow because you have more control of your shots. The other type of recurve bow is the compound bow which comes with many technological features which will help guide archers and this is ideal for beginning archers.

When choosing a bow, you have to determine your hand preference. Right hand or left hand; the question is which hand do you prefer to use for shooting? With a right hand preference, you also use the right hand shooting method where you hold the bow with your left hand and draw the bowstring with your right. This right hand method uses the right eye for aiming. Left hand shooting, on the other hand, is the complete reveres of the previous method. And in this method, the left eye is used for aiming. Another type of aimer is the cross dominant aimer who does not follow the usual way but instead uses the opposite eye to aim.

It is also important for archers and hunters to determine the draw length of the recurve bow they are selecting. If you fully draw your bowstring, then this distance to the front of the bow is the draw length. There are many ways of measuring the draw length of the arrow, from your height or your arm span divided by a specific number.

The draw weight is also an important consideration when choosing a recurve bow. You need to match the draw weight with your body type of shooting style. Drawing the bowstring to full length needs force and this is what draw weight is. You can tell if the draw weight is good since you cannot hold it at full drawn position for more than 10 seconds. You will also know if you need to add more draw weight if holding the bowstring back is fairly easy and can stay there for longer periods of time.

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